Monday, July 24, 2017

Top Five: Tom Kenefic of Death on Fire

As a writer, it's always interesting to see how songs, albums, and careers are built. Seemingly, I lack whimsy because it's easy to get jaded.

Seeing how the sausage is made though, is extremely interesting.

In that vein, we have another top five playlist from Tom Kenefic of Death on Fire.  Perhaps you recall the track we streamed awhile back? If not, refresh yourself HERE.

LP Review: Self Titled by Hell

In these current days, my family is attempting to be healthier.

The wife is dragging me along into movement.

Ever since giving up hockey, the life led by me has been rather sedentary. Yes, clearly this is not an optimal lifestyle for one who's been living in an existential crisis since swearing off organized religion.

The climate inside my noggin has gotten even stranger than normal now.

Before, it was only the icy breath of Death that harangued my consciousness repeatedly. Death is no longer solitary in the this mess. The cheery, vice-like grip of life is now squeezing into the very small space that Death has chosen to un-occupy.

As time moves, they move. When one leaves a square inch available, the other moves into it. This is a difficult situation as the crushening is now coming from more than one place.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Video: "Nocturne": by Susprians

Here's the latest single from Suspirians's Ti Bon Ange. Like the rest of their record, it's colorful, vibrant, and a little bit crazy.

Check out the track and see if you can catch them on one of the following tour dates:

07/23 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
07/25 Nashville, TN @ Betty’s
07/27-29 Indian Meadow, WV @ Voice of the Valley Fest
07/31 Cincinnati, OH @ Rakes End
08/01 Indianapolis, IN @ State Street Pub
08/02 Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
08/03 Akron, OH @ Hive Mind
08/04 Columbia, MO @ Cafe Berlin
08/05 Kansas City, MO @ Blind Tiger

If you can't make any of the shows you can at least show them some love by ordering Ti Bon Ange or checking out their Facebook.

LP Review: "The Desert Winter" by Canyon of the Skull

The Desert Winter
Before we get started, it's necessary to immortalize my internal debate at present.

Perception, does not determine your reality. Perception only can determine your delusion. When presented with fact, one will either accept said facts, or scream fake news.

Acceptance or denial of facts will then determine if you're living in reality or delusion.

This philosophy has been debated for millennia and it's doubtful that we've settled it just now, but what if what you're perceiving is neither factual nor delusional?

What if it's something rarely seen? Perhaps you've noticed my reviews are now entitled with LP, EP, MLP, DLP, TLP, etc? The hope is that you'll understand what you're reading about in terms of length.

Well, this is not an EP and it's not a single, so it's definitely an LP.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Video: "Goodluck Sandy" by Märvel

It's been a few minutes since Märvel took hold of our world and exploited our need for masked superheroes by releasing all of their records over here in the USA via The Sign Records.

But they're not just about reliving the past, because this fall they've got a new album coming out. Until At The Sunshine Factory drops later on this year, check out their latest single and video below.

Don't forget to ask them who they really are on Facebook.

Five Minute Interview: Lor

Normally, this would be the spot were we talk about the artist a little bit, but as this is our first attempt at this, these will be short and sweet.

Lots of times you'll see the same questions, as we're getting to know some folks out there.

Glacially Musical: Thanks for taking a few minutes so our readers can get to know you a little bit. 

Tyler of Lor: Absolutely!

GM: What made you want to become a musician?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stream: "What's On Your Mind" by Swimming Tapes

It's interesting how the city of London in the United Kingdom has influenced so much of our music an pop culture here in these United States.

Yeah, I know, we're not that united right now, but whatevers. We'll fix it. So let's move on to how London is getting on with it now...

Presumed London socialites, Swimming Tapes, are on the cusp of releasing an EP called Soft Sea Blue on B3SCI Records in the USA and Hand In Hive Records over there in the European Union where they have those Euro dollars.

This track is soft, a bit melancholy, but hopeful. Ask them all your questions on Facebook.

LP Review: "Deceases" by Morbid Evils

Under extreme duress, the human mind can slow down time.

When that happens to me, it's like Phillip J Fry on 100 cups of coffee. It's frankly one of my most endearing and useful psychological abnormalities.

Overly stressful situations do not tax me like they do others.

In my mind, I question where this particular ability came from. Was it from years of disassociation, a defense mechanism?

However, the most plausible explanation would be the teachings of Surak and The Time of Awakening on the planet Vulcan, as told by Star Trek.

We all know that Vulcans are logical beings rather than emotional, but it's not that they have no emotions, but they are able to master them. In times of crisis, my emotions are buried deep down so we can live to dissect them....

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Video: "X" by Counterfeit Culture

Anytime you're thinking of Melodic Metal, it's only natural to think of the place that has inspired more touring musicians than any other locale in the entire world.

A state that has spawned countless acts to strike out on the road to make their fortune. This is somewhere that's created movie after movie that makes us all want to stay away from there.

Naturally, we're talking about New Jersey.

Kevin Smith, Bon Jovi, and Springsteen jokes aside, Counterfeit Culture is about to release their debut EP, Deathwish, on August 1st.  In the meantime, get a look at their single, X, and decide if they'll mean as much to you as the aforementioned Garden Staters.

Ask them about the Tri-Town Area on Facebook and preorder Death Wish.

Guest Post: Tour Playlist From Death of Kings

This is what Amos chose.
Hey, everybody! Amos here from Death of Kings, fresh off the road from a killer east coast run supporting our new album, KNEEL BEFORE NONE.

A proper soundtrack for tour is an absolute must, and we thought it might be interesting if we kept a log of all the albums we jammed while we cruised across the country, so here it is!

The band van is my daily vehicle, so with me being the most comfortable behind the wheel I wind up doing most of the driving, and often find myself controlling the tunes, as well.

Lots of old rock, punk and heavy metal stuff this time around, often being influenced by the places we were driving through - jamming King Diamond while we drove through Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Dio/Cro-Mags/Anthrax driving across NY and GWAR into Richmond.

We were also fortunate enough to have a working tape deck, so we dedicated an entire day to jamming all the cassettes we brought and picked up on the road.

There's plenty of curve-balls in there (though not as many as I would've liked!) as well as a ton of live albums... so enjoy the tunes - we definitely did!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Stream: "Pink Clouds" by Dead Stars

Dead Stars have released the lead single from their upcoming record, Perfect Patterns, due on 9/21 via Bandcamp.  Preorder it HERE.

In case you didn't know, they're available to aggravate 24/7 on Facebook.

LP Review: "Drying the Eyes Of the Goddess Of Gloom Underneat the Stars And the Moon.." by Gloom Balloon

Drying the Eyes Of the Goddess Of Gloom Underneat the Stars And the Moon..
I'm just going to say it.

The entire title is underneath the cover art because it's funny.

In the past few weeks, sleep has been eluding me.

Part of it is my ignorance on how to reset the stupid automatic thermostat to stop kicking back up and down.

It's fine in the winter because it heats up quickly, and when the AC changes, my house heats up quickly. Because of that, my late night music spins no longer contain such things like Coffin Dust or Morbid Slaughter. When sleep is elusive, every single possible care must be taken to capture it. 

One of those things is mellower tunes whilst winding down.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Video: "The World Is Yours" by Arch Enemy

It's interesting how long Arch Enemy has been around. It's been a very long time since first seeing the We Will Rise video, on VH1 of all places.

Arch Enemy has been around the world, lost two vocalists, a guitarist, but gained a French Canadian, though all of this is old news.

Here's the latest single from their upcoming record, Will To Power.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Stream: "Sink (The Abyss of Dwelling)" by Atonement Theory

Atonement Theory is releasing an expanded digital version of Illumination on 7/28 via I Defy Records. Do you need a sample?

Check out a track below.

Ask them if they're capable of personal flotation on Facebook. You'll get a funny answer, promise.

Split LP Review: "Unto Heretic Flames" by AK-11 and Aasgard

Unto Heretic Flames
Remember all that beef stew I couldn't shut up about last year?

Crockpot Stew, when miso or gravy are added to the broth, is one of the best meals on the planet.

One of the things that makes it so great is that, unless you're eating out of a can or plastic container, beef stew can't just be had at will.

It has to be planned out. The hours upon hours of cooking it make it difficult, and slightly rare.

Music that takes time to gel is always interesting. Unto Heretic Flames was not something that could be listened to once and then be reviewed. This music required rumination.

Aside from the standard black metal things, what were they trying to say? What are they trying to accomplish here? Why did these two bands team up to release a split LP?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Interview: MaidaVale

For the last little while,we've been lucky enough to digest some new music from The Sign Records.

One of the latest and greatest bands these days is MaidaVale.

Hailing from Sweden, see below, they dazzled us with their debut record, Tales of the Wicked West. It's a psychedelic blues freakout from wayback that was just recorded.

Check it out if you haven't, and take some time to get to know them.

GM: Tell me about that capitalized V. What's its significance?

MV: The capitalized V is just because some other band had occupied the internet with "Maida Vale" when we started, and then we got used to it even though some of us are real perfectionists when it comes to spelling.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

LP Review: "Temple" by Olde

Over the Fourth of July holiday, my cousin and her family were in town from Chicago.

It's been almost two years since we've seen each other and just as long for the kids too. When we have time, our daughters have Facetime Tea Parties.

Yes, it's every so metal.

Keeping up with people is something I have never been good at to be perfectly honest about the situation, and that does include family.

Thankfully, she was willing to make the overture and a great time was had by all. There was an 11th Hour decision not to take our children to the park where we spent large portions of our youth...bleeding in the sand...because that place is dangerous.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Video: "Never Wanted" by Avelion

Check out the latest video from Avelion.

This single comes from their latest record, Illusion of Transparency on Revalve Records. Find more information HERE.

In the meantime, get a bowl of popcorn and see where they take you this time.

Video: "Depravity's Lock" by Soul Remnants

Soul Remnants has a new video off their up coming album, Ouroboros. It's a concept album about a dystopic future.

Ouroboros will be released digitally on July 21st. Preorder it HERE. Make sure you ask them questions Facebook.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Stream: "Baptized In Vibe" by Joey Sweeney & The Neon Grease

Let's pull a Joe Perry and let the music do the talking...right after I'm done flapping my yapper.

Almost there, but we're not. Seriously, if the title Baptized In Vibe doesn't have you clicking play play play on this one...there's probably nothing that will.

Tell Joey and the boys what you think on Facebook.

LP Review: "Herodias" by The Lunar Year

Thank you for reading this.

Over the years, my personal style for writing reviews has grown and changed. In the beginning, professional sounding reviews was the goal.

Later each review became an attempt to write to you how the music sounds, so that you'd be able to hear the music in your head.

It's important to have your own personal style and live the life you want to create for yourself. Mike D (and Willie Shakespeare) put it best, be true to yourself and you will never fall.

 So, hopefully you're coming to this little corner of the world wide webiverse using Hyperglobalcompumeganet to speed up your Captain Janeway experience knowing that what you'll see here, you won't see anywhere else. In our little bubble of positivity, we do it the way that makes the most sense to us.

Friday, July 7, 2017

LP Review: "Salt and Rot" by God Root

Salt and Rot
One of the best gifts that nature has ever bestowed upon humanity is friendship.

The ship of friends that takes us places. It's definitely a very special part of the human condition that Lt. Cmdr. Data is currently working on...wait...he was blown up.

Then there's the best friend. The person in your life that even if you haven't spoken in years, that you can sit down with and pick up where you left off.

Being lucky, my best friend returned to St. Louis, but we had that relationship for the eight years he was out of town.

It's hard to even conceive of life with out my friends, both real and internet...possibly imaginary. The love and comfort received has kept this little guy going all these years.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Stream: "Thunder On The Fields" by Demon Head

Who's itching to hear some new music?

Check out down below for some thunder from Demon Head.

Fight with them about politics on Facebook and make sure you check out this new album.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Stream: "Clean Evil" by Susprians

A couple weeks ago, we were surprised by a vinyl copy of Ti Bon Ange by Suspirians.

What else is there to say about that great record?

Well, cassette tape fans, you can also get in on the analog love fest. Pomogite Community has it for you.

LP Review: "Speak Volumes" by Old James

Speak Volumes
It's surprising, that being a big Star Trek: The Next Generation fan that I am, not many of their episodes have really stuck with me. The books have always been more interesting, as there's no terrible acting to screw it up.

(There's also not plasticware that's in my kitchen being used by Ferengi and Klingons to distract me....)

One of the memory stickers though, is A Matter of Time. This particular episode deals with time travel, but not in the typical way.

A man steals a time machine from a future time traveler and uses it to go forward in time to find out what would be especially valuable. In the end, Berlinghoff Rasmussen admits to being a poor inventory.

He then posits that having a time machine will making him a brilliant one who'll be able to make ten fortunes with the future artifacts he's pilfered from the Enterprise.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Concert Review: Tengger Cavalry and Felix Martin

Felix Martin (left) Scott Fermandez (right)
It was about 6:05pm and this blogger was eating Panda Express's orange chicken in a food court.

Inertia was setting in.

It was a family dinner. We were all going to some sort of show that night.

My wife and daughter were seeing Cars 3, and well, look up to see what this guy saw that night.

It was another concert where there would be no one by my side. There would be no friends to spend the evening with me.

In the end though, I was really questioning my choice to review this concert.

That's not really a strange thing. It happens to me all of the time, especially if there's no one meeting me there. So, there I sat at home, waiting to head down to Fubar on Locust while questioning myself about this.

LP Review: "There Is Nothing Left For Me Here" by Ether

There Is Nothing Left For Me Here
Since my earliest childhood days anime has been a large part of my life. From Voltron to Speed Racer as a very small child to Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Trigun, Happy Lesson, et al.

Let's just stop there because it would take a month of Sundays to tell you all about my favorite titles and pontificate about them.

(Yes, those are the more common ones, but there are some more obscure as well and I didn't just get them all off of Adult Swim or Toonami thank you very much. We can have a nerd fight if need be.)

Watching anime is hard because it's culturally Japanese. That certainly sounds like a ridiculous statement, but how many Americans know what it means to hear the cicadas in Ghost In The Shell during a scene that takes place in February?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vinyl Review: Split LP by Cloud Rat and Disrotted

Split LP
Like many other times during the past five years and now 1,000+ articles we have posted on Glacially Musical, this is a split.

Splits are nothing new and have been around for decades Typically though these releases are EPs and not LPs.

You get one or two songs by each band, half a side, and that's it. Perhaps it's simply my personal ignorance, having had an absence from the underground metal scene, but split LPs still seem a little bit on the strange side to me.

It's funny to say that because there are now several of them in my vinyl library. (Note: I don't use the term collection, because it creates a different connotation from listening to and enjoying the music contained on the discs.)

Looking at the tracklisting after finding out this record was on its way, it's only two tracks. That made me think that we were doing another 7". My first dance with Cloud Rat featured a side of "short" tracks. You may recall the Cloud Rat/Moloch split I reviewed a couple months back.

Friday, June 30, 2017

LP Review: Self Titled by Hogan's Goat

Hogan's Goat
There's a Scottish folktale called Hogan's Goat.

Were you aware?

This was something that we didn't know about here. So basically, Hogan's Goat was this disgusting creature that was reported to smell just god awful.

Being compared to Hogan's Goat is actually a great insult, but here are with a band from Nashville (non-country) that's using this as their name.

They've even chosen to use a drawing of the goat as their album cover. This is where I think they've made a bit of a mistake. For black magic reasons, the goat has been used as a symbol in extreme metal for years upon years which have bled into decades.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stream: "Crown (Murder Edition)" by Hollow Leg

Hollow Leg's EP, Murder, is finally out on this side of the pond.

Get thee to Facebook and ask them about those creepy bugs, but in the mean time, you can settle for enjoying the whole thing right here...

Well right here...

Of course right below the right here and I do mean the preceding right here.

Oh just look down.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

LP Review: "Hard Chargin'" by Dreadnaught

Hard Chargin'
One of the folks in my life is presently engaged in a battle of wills to the death.

It's easy to feel bad for them because they're in a brand new situation. One that many of us have been accustomed to for years, if not decades.

The thing about it's easy to get discouraged. It's being made harder than it should be. Fighting back is the best way of going about it.

My suggestion is a series of passive aggressive shots over the course of months and years to send a tiny little message.

Never shy away from a challenge. Let's shout cliches from the rooftops! Defying convention is the mother of invention! ( a cliche?)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Stream: "Unicorns on Sticks" by Neurococcyx

There are just times in this world when you need something totally crazy from France.

Well, avant-garde, French instrumentalists Neurococcyx has it for you.

Check it out here and ask them comment allez vous on Facebook.

Video: "Soul and Chemicals" by Siamese

Siamese has just released a video off of their latest album, Shameless. This is certainly a different sort of music that what's normally shared and reviewed here on Glacially Musical.

However, it's quite hard for me to walk way from hard rock with violins.

Shameless is out on Artery Recordings in the USA and Avalon Records in Japan.

Get the album here and thump them back on Facebook.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Stream: "Leaving Is Easy" by A Valley Son

Before we get to the single, let me just say.

This is the 1,000th post on Glacially Musical. We started this site in August of 2012 and here we are, 999 posts later: Interviews, Albums, Vinyl, Concerts, Streams, and Videos.

Thank you very much for your continued readership and please Like us on Facebook. It means the world to me that others are reading what we think about music.

Today we're streaming the lead single from A Valley Son's upcoming record, But The World Moves, due September 8th.

LP Review: Laser Flames On The Great Big News's Self Titled

Laser Flames On The Great Big News
One of the things a band can do in order to improve their durability is adding more than one vocalist.

Granted if you're Led Zeppelin, don't bother Robert Plant has that all sewn up. Other Kiss though.... their music isn't as intricate as that of say a Led Zeppelin or Metallica.

So, by starting off with three vocalists and then adding another, it kept their sound fresh and interesting.

Kiss stole borrowed that idea from The Beatles. At the time they started, it was a similar thing. The music wasn't much more than three chord rock.

In the end, there have been eight different people to sing on Kiss tunes. Only Mark St. John and Vinnie Vincent have not sung on a Kiss song. Crazy.

What if though, a band had two vocalists and didn't need them in order to freshen up each song?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Vinyl Review: "The Battery Line" by Quin Galavis

The Battery Line
Let's say a few  nice words about mile stones if you don't mind my going off on a small tangent before we get into the meat of this review.

It doesn't seem all that long ago when a band first had two album reviews here, but that was nearly five years ago.

Today, Quin Galavis becomes the first artist to get the vinyl treatment for a second time. (Confidentially, there's another one in the kitty though.)

Glacially Musical is rapidly closing in on our 1000th post. In fact, this is post number 997. In my life, there's been a lot of t hings I've done, but this one is certainly among the longest, most successful, and very satisfying. You may have noticed that for the past two weeks I was a bit off the grid, just because, a break from this behemoth was required. As a small site that we do on the side, it's hard to keep up all of the content.

Thank you for enjoying the ride with us.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Stream: "My Name Is Murder" by Brendon Small

Like many of us in the metal community, Metalocalypse was a big deal to me. It took awhile before learning that there were actual musicians involved in the project. Seriously, how could anybody be able to write, voice, and music up that show?

Brendon Small, though he be barred from anything Dethklok, is still making music. His new project is called Brendon Small's Galaktikon.

Preorder it on Amazon on vinyl here or CD/Digital.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Stream: "Will O Wisp" by Nekrocraft

There are times when it takes more than a simple I-III-IV Chord Progression to get us through the day.

Nekrokraft is bringing some truly painful death metal spliced with a little bit of black metal. See if you can pull on the threads.

Hail them on Facebook.

LP Review: "Amen Breaks" by Quiet Hollers

Amen Breaks
As far as I'm concerned, my love the Quiet Hollers has never been remotely a secret.

Their eponymous album is still one of the biggest bright spots of 2015 and it's subsequent vinyl pressing (complete with black splatter on clear coloring) was also a bright spot of 2016.

Our friends from Kentucky stopped in at the Heavy Anchor in December of 2015, and we were able to celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary while they played some amazing songs.

The only dark cloud was that their vinyl had been pushed back so I wasn't able to go home with it that evening. The full house they had though warmed the cockles of my heart. It's awesome to see a band succeeding in this day and age.

In this modern age, there are far too many instances of a band, though of quality, being chewed up and spat out because they weren't able to make a financial go of it.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stream: "Dementophøbia" by

Check out Dementophøbia from our good friends, NØMADS.

They're currently six months into a year long project where they'll be releasing a single each month. By the time it's released, hopefully on glorious vinyl but  not on red like Free My Animal, you'll have had all the tracks at your finger tips.

Every song of theirs will be available to go straight into your earholes and worm their way into your brains.

Oh yeah, say what's up on Facebook.

Before you click on this rocking new song, they're selling the vinyl edition of their debut record on the cheap.

Make sure you pick on up. They're limited to only 225. If you snooze, you lose, but I have my copy and I'll be rocking it for years.

Interview: Wo Fat

Wo Fat
At the Glacially Musical 70's Preservation Society Headquarters, Closet L-3, we conducted an interview with Wo Fat, a band who's unabashedly mired in the decade that gave us Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and Hooker'n'Heat.

They were quite willing to listen to my rambling questions.

If you've been waiting to hear what a band thinks of my sludge/vintage rock/metal thoughts, consider your wait to have ended.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking some time for me today.

Wo-Fat: Thank you for talking to us and for supporting the scene.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Video: "Singularity 45" by Shadowflag

Cheltenham, England's Shadowflag has just put out a new video.

Much like their poetic black metal's lyrics, this clip features all sorts of cheerful happenings that coincide with just how wonderful the world is chugging along right now.

Enjoy and Facebook stalk them a bit.

CD Review: "Potboiler" by Future Hate

Let's start at the beginning.

Do you know what I love about Punk Rock/Hardcore/etc and all that jazz?

Frankly, not a whole helluvalot. Punk and Country are kind of similar to me in that, whereas I used to dismiss it all out of hand, there are now exceptions.

Punk Rock to me all goes back to the first time I heard the Sex Pistols. At the time, my metal ONLY phase was going full strength and the idea that a band who didn't have significant prowess on the instruments...

Well that was simply verboten. Why in the world should we listen to this crap? To this day though, Nevermind the Bollocks is still unlistenable to me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Concert Review: Metallica at Busch Stadium in St. Louis June 4, 2017 -Words and Photos by Danny Nichols

In August 1986, when I was nine years old,  my family took a summer trip to Fox Springs Resort in central Missouri.  While there I made friends with an older kid named Doug Shirley who had brought some cassettes with him which were considerably different than the Olivia Newton John and Barry Manilow my mother had subjected me too.   Principal among this stack was Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”.    Before the opening track "Battery" had finished a paradigm shift in my musical interest occurred which would severely impact the rest of my life. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

LP Review: "Through The Ages of Sleep" by Siberian

Through The Ages of Sleep
It's time to let you into my life once again. At the time of this writing, my Chinese food has tarried so.

This brings up two very serious questions as this post moves forward:

1) Will this post be finished before my lunch arrives?

2) Will my low blood sugar affect my ability to write this post?

As this blogger is a mild sufferer of hypoglycemia, there are times when my personal chemistry can be off and really mahoober up everything I'm doing.

UPDATE! My food has arrived. Even though I'm listening to this album for the third time, there really are only sporadic inferences and ideas running through my dome. Allow me to eat my lunch and get back to you afterwards.

Friday, June 16, 2017

LP Review: "Cremation Songs" by Tomten

Cremation Songs
As my life as a parent continues to move forward, there are more and more strange happenings.

My daughter loves the symphony. So, we attend the concerts they hold on Sunday afternoon for the kids. Many times the songs they play are familiar to me because of hearing them in old Loony Toons.

As she's also into Loony Toons, it's even more fun. The idea of what cartoons were like when I was a kid is so different than today.

My mind routinely brings up a particular episode featuring a family of owls. The father owl teaches classical music and he keeps a sign on his door stating "NO JASS." Naturally, the little owl loves jazz music. So there's the interplay between the father wanting his son to be respectable and the son wanting to be true to his heart.

This all plays out while the owling is on the radio alternately singing jazz and classical music.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Interview: Tid (Ex-Ghost and Current Magna Carta Cartel)

The Sign Records have been unleashing many new (to us) albums here across the Pond.

One of the more interesting bands out there is Tid. There are former members of Ghost in Tid. Then there's also another band that's connected, the Magna Carta Cartel.

Recently, we sat down to discuss Ghost, Tid, music, and listening to Swedish music in English at the Glacially Musical Fjord Discussion Room B and this is what we came away with.

Glacially Musical: Thank you for taking the time for me today.

Tid: Thank You for having us.

GM: Listening to Fix Ide, I can hear a lot of similarities with Ghost and a lot of differences. How would you describe each band's music?

Tid: Tid’s music is not bound to rules, classic songwriting or the search to create the feeling of nostalgia - quite the opposite.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

LP Review: "Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void" by Seer

Vol. III & IV: Cult of the Void
If you look up at the night sky, you'll be seeing a vast expanse that we can never understand.

The images we see in the stars is sometimes millions of years old because it simply takes that long for it to get here.

In a smaller comparison, think about countries like Japan and the United Kingdom. Those two nations have about 2/3's of the population of these United States, yet have land space around the size of California, if you combined them.

Now, look at the United States. It's the fourth largest nation in terms of land, but India, who's the size of Texas has four times our population.

They have no vast expanses like we do. What do these things do to us as people? It's impossible for humanity to grasp the expanses we see everyday. Seer...they're from a nation, Canada, that has even more expanse than the United States.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Video: "Agenda (I) Cryptograms (II) A Digital Self" by The Vicious Head Society

Let's talk about a new band, The Vicious Head Society. They're a symphonic progressive metal band all the way from Ireland.

They've just released the video for their latest single from Abject Tomorrow.

If you haven't liked them on Facebook...what are you even doing there?

Monday, June 12, 2017

Video: "Freak Flag" by Quiet Riot

There are certain bands that mark times in our lives. When I was a boy, we watched NBC's Friday Night Videos.

To this day, Quiet Riot still holds a place in my heart. With that said, check out their new track!

Let them know what you think on Facebook.

LP Review: "Tales of the Wicked West" by Maidavale

Tales of the Wicked West
There are times when our conversations yield some interesting omens.

Not two hours before this record began playing, my friend and I were knee deep in a conversation about rich rock stars and how as they age, the can become giant douches.

One in particular, whom I won't name, is very popular. He's been around for over 30 years in the sphere of popular, and mostly, quality music.

For the past 15 or so (HERE COMES LARGE SWATHS OF OPINION),  he's tried so desperately to be the second coming of Jimi Hendrix with his tales of love and such.

The problem is, as he grew up in an almost idyllic childhood in a virtual paradise, it's hard to see his claims as valid, unlike Jimi's as he grew up seeing the actual horror of life. It's kind of like the Spanish Inquisition, your confessions aren't genuine without torture.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Ti Bon Ange" by Suspirians

Ti Bon Ange
What you may or may not know about me, dear readers, is that this guy right here is the biggest nerd you'll ever meet.

Sure, most days, pimping brutal death metal, drinking craft beers, shaving with a vintage safety razor, and having a beautiful family, and living in a beautiful home that needs work...

You might not ever guess that I'm reading a fantasy novel, a Red Dwarf novel, and thinking about the space time continuum.

The eddies of the time stream fascinate me to no end. Recently, I had a very long dream about such things. In the dream, my biggest childhood dream could have been realized should I have been willing to go back in time and make a singular different choice.

Now, we could speak about the Mirror of Erised here and discuss my life and the ramifications, but what struck me about that dream was my understanding of what would have happened should the deal have been accepted.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Video: "Faradic" by The Summoned

It's one of those days where we just need to be punched in the face by a pure wall of death metal.

Check out Faradic below and ask The Summoned what makes them human on Facebook.

EP Review: "The Hills Have Eyes" by Märvel

The Hills Have Eyes
Nobody, well besides myself, wants to be that guy.

That guy infests everything we do in society. It's a constant refrain when two or more humans are engaged in conversation about anything under the sun.

Well, I don't want to be that guy, but music sounds better on vinyl. I don't want to be that guy, but where is today's Led Zeppelin?

The list goes on and on. It's not just about music, or food, or beer, or child rearing..etc..etc...etc...

Seriously, we could probably spend the next thirty five to forty years discussing how awful that guy, and I are and can really be. Personally, I'm working on the "don't yuck on my yum" philosophy. If others like it, don't piss on it. OK?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Interview: Volker's Ulrich Wegrich and Jen Nyx

It's certainly been awhile, but you may recall when we reviewed Volker's debut EP.

They were definitely a cool and unique band and that EP just got me more and more excited to hear more of their music.

Their latest album, Dead Doll, was released on Overpowered Records on May 26th and is a real cracker.

Recently guitarist/composer Ulrich Wegrich and vocalist/lyricist Jen Nyx took some time to visit the Glacially Musical Secret Underground Headquarters of the Global Email Center of Greater Zimbabwe, just past the water cooler, in the room that isn't being spied upon by Moscow to answer a few of our questions.

Now you can get to know them.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Video: "St. Valentine's Boys" by Quiet Hollers

It was fully my intention to get this video out to you last week, but sickness sapped out all of my productivity.

Their new record is out on July 7th and the full review is coming later this month. Until then, check out their latest track!

Don't forget to check out their pix on Facebook.

LP Review: "Spectral Ascent" by Kabbalah

Spectral Ascent
Reading Jimmy Page's interviews over the years has been a darkly illuminating experience.

There was one particular discussion where he was talking about being in opium dens on the other side of the world with Robert Plant, on a songwriting expedition.

In my mind, there was a stunning picture of Page and Plant sitting on a stage, each wearing a fez, and smoking these large hookah pipes as they sang or at least tried to find the song.

We've all got at least one friend who'd read that little passage and think, "man, it would be awesome to hang out with them and smoke opium and hashish."

In some of the music they created, there's an element of this scene. Influences here and there could speak to this time, but Led Zeppelin never created this soundtrack. Page and Plant, touched on it a bit....

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Video: "I Can't Feel A Thing" by Holy Wars

Let's slow things down for a minute and watch something a bit different.

Holy Wars is a darkened pop band from the very metal city of Los Angeles.

Watch the video and say hi on Facebook.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Vinyl Review: "Locust Lunatic Asylum" by Sober Truth

There was an interview with Kim Thayil about 20 years ago when Soundgarden was riding the wave of their critically acclaimed albums in the late 90's.

He talked about how much he hated heavy metal because he thought it was silly. Those acts weren't writing songs about real life, but Dungeons & Dragons.

Well, no disrespect to the fine work of Gary Gygax, TSR, and Ronnie James Dio, that was such a ridiculous statement that had me screaming in my head about how wrong he was.

The stereotype that metal is dumb and, again no disrespect to Gygax and Co, cannot cope with the real world or see anything more than childish fantasies is something that has long since grated on most of us in the metal community.

LP Review: "Wicked Covenant" by Bury The Machines

Wicked Covenant
As a small boy, my mother would have me wash the dishes after dinner.

It was one of my first regularly occurring chores. Because she was a control freak, she would then go in an check everything that was in order to make sure it was done correctly.

She complained that it was harder for her to have me do it rather than doing it herself.

This concept never really made much sense in my preteen mind as she wasn't expending nearly the amount of energy as I was in order to get the kitchen sparkling clean.

Questionable parenting practices aside, she was right. The mental energy that it takes to get one's child to learn the proper cleaning practices is immense. Think about writing an album...even a short one....

Friday, June 2, 2017

LP Review: "Deny Everything" by Contra

Deny Everything
Over the past year or so, my daughter and I have become avid comic book readers.

It's pretty safe to say that we have pretty different tastes in what we read. She's strongly into the My Little Pony Universe.

Part of what got me going back into the world of comics are the superhero movies going back to Tobey Maguire's Spiderman.

Recently, all superhero books have been removed from my pull list because of whole universe idea and capitalization on the movies and tie ins to this and that.

It was overwhelming and I was reading Guardians of the Galaxy because I wanted to read that and not Fantastic Four. The reason for all this is because comic books are always in the Second Act. So they're continually starting over, re-inventing the stories, etc. It's kind of what George Lucas has been doing to Star Wars since home releases became a thing.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

LP Review: "The Blinking Light/Peace On Earth" by Rudy Stone

The Blinking Light
I have a spectacular idea for an album, a concept album naturally.

Between jam sessions, which there's usually about 2-3 months between them, ideas come to me. What about a musical record that's based around the comings of the seasons?

Could you possibly imagine how big that would be?

Unfortunately, as I only "play" guitar, it would be really hard for me to get it down, as it seems to me that a project of this size needs a larger sound than the six strings on my Les Paul can give voice to.

So, this idea's been kicking around in my head for about four years now. You know what I found out like three months ago?

Some Italian gentleman named Antonio Vivaldi had already done it. It's truly a great thing I hadn't voiced this idea because there are people in my life that might have suggested I go through with it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stream: "Blur" by Alexa Dark

Rock singer and guitarist, Alexa Dark has released her new single as a way of saying hello!!

Her debut EP, Empty Drinks/Empty Hearts will be released late summer. In the mean time follow the breadcrumbs.

As with anybody who's anybody and folks like me who're nobody, catch up with Alexa Dark on Facebook.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

7" Vinyl /Review: "You Know I Loved It" by Nyiko

You Know I Loved It
There's a giant world of music out there and it's always fun to learn more about genres that aren't really well represented in my personal library.

Years ago, my cousins and I were sitting in their living room watching the Twisted Sister concert video on VHS and Dee Snider talked quite about where they were going to film this video, because there was quite a lot going on.

 It seemed to him that the right venue was staggeringly important. As a reviewer, I'd just think that getting a full and rowdy house was all that mattered, but hey, what do I know right?

Though the sisters are from New York, they couldn't do this concert in their hometown because New Wave had taken over New York City. Now, back then New Wave was an unknown unknown. I didn't know that it existed and that I didn't know what it was.

Concert Review: Vaudevileins

Picture this, it's Memorial Day Weekend and my family is out of town. My wife has taken our daughter to her twenty year college reunion on the East Coast. After that, they're headed to see another old friend from college.

My holiday weekend was going to consist of beers, records, and Lunar Silver Star Complete on the original Playstation. As of Saturday at about 7:00pm, this weekend had been a great success. I'd even completed the major task I was assigned: The DMV on her new car.

So, Saturday, I watched the mighty Arsenal win their record thirteenth FA Cup and had been having beers and records since then.

During a break in the action, I popped onto Facebook and came across the fact that Vaudevileins were playing at El Lenador on Cherokee.

Friday, May 26, 2017

LP Review: "Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes" by Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes

Sam Gleaves & Tyler Hughes
In most contemporary Christmas time movies, the nuclear family always has children scattered around these United States.

The parents tend to live in the Midwest or the South. Their children have all moved across the country to live their lives.

Those movies tend to have great introduction scenes, because these (now adult) children aren't arriving at the same time in Bloomington, IL.

Sometimes they even have to rent cars to get to the snow covered ranch houses they grew up inside of.

So, we always learn about these kids. The standard trope is seeing them in their suits telling their office friends about how they have to get back to Montana for Christmas because Mom might not be around much longer. This goes on until they're all in the house.

The last child though...this one doesn't always arrive alone. Sometimes they bring a new friend....

Video Premiere: "Defining Me" by Eyes Wide Open

Good morning. We're pleased to bring you the first single from And So It Begins by Eyes Wide Open.

The record won't drop until September, but in the meantime, get a good slice of it down here.

Let them know you're awake on Facebook.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Interview: Space Witch

As a young boy Dr. Who fascinated me, for a time anyway. Though, not a fan these days, the theme music has definitely left an indelible mark upon my psyche.

Perhaps it was the pinball game we played at The Silver Ballroom all those times?

Probably not.

Upon first, second, and third listens, Space Witch seems to be the band that should've been the soundtrack to that show. Not just because their music is reminiscent of Dr. Who's theme song, but because the music feels like Dr. Who and a hundred other Sci-Fi shows.

They took some time to answer my questions at the Glacially Musical Intercontinental Space Exploration Center of Greater Manila.

Check it out!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Video: "Since C.A.Y.A." by Shabazz Palaces

Shabazz Palaces have just released their latest single from their upcoming album,Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star, on Subpop Records.

Preorder here and shout at them on Facebook.

LP Review: "Kneel Before None" by Death of Kings

Kneel Before None
We all come to music a little bit differently. Some of us are lucky enough to have parents that share music. In fact, that's the type of parent I'm trying to be.

Some of us have older siblings, or friends.

My journey largely started with my cousins. When we were at a very young age, music was a big part of our lives. So, when those formative years cross my mind, there are always stories from my youth with Jamie and Al.

There was a time before Thrash Metal was widely recognized as anything. (Naturally, it was a thing, as this was the mid to late Eighties.)

We were sitting on their front porch while I was visiting. Plenty of Marlboros lit and burning. There was talk of heading out to this place called Candyband. As this was utterly foreign to me, I asked, what do you do at Candyband?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Stream: "Die-Sect" by Pyreship

It's been a long time since we discussed the amazing Pyreship record, but here's your chance to get a little bit more hyped up on it.

Tell them what you think on Facebook.

Concert Reveiw: Delain at Concord Hall in Chicago April 28, 2017 Photos and words by Danny Nichols

Delain is a Dutch Symphonic Metal in the style of Nightwish.  Even thought Delain had already become a force in Europe and garnered significant attention in the United States, I was unfamiliar with them a year ago, when my wife recommended I give them a listen.  Soon after their fifth album Moonbathers appeared in my inbox and they announced a North American tour with my favorite band HammerFall.   Clearly the universe was pointing me in the direction of Delain.  I wish the universe had not waited so long to introduce me to this amazing band.

Charlotte Wessels
I was surprised by the number and the dedication of the Delain fans.  This first thing I noticed as I approached the venue, after an epic battle with Chicago traffic, was the many Delain t-shirts donned by queuing metalheads.  A few brief conversations revealed many were not casual fans either, but enthusiastic and knowledgeable followers as excited to see their the Delain set as I was for HammerFall.  Their status as co-headliners was well deserved.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Video: "Seaquest" by Sleepy Sun

In advance of the upcoming LP release, Private Tales, Sleepy Sun have just released the video for Seaquest.

To the best of my knowledge it's not about any cartoons.

Check out the clip below and question them about things on Facebook.

LP Review: "The Liars Bend Low" by Pyreship

The Liars Bend Low
In November, a simple conclusion hit me, in the coming years music is going to be really great.

That's because pain breeds art.

Consider the Vietnam War Era. When we look back at those years some of the true titans of music were stalking the earth: The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and the list goes on and on.

Those days were a time of upheaval in the world. The people were at unrest.

We are not even halfway through 2017, and there have been several amazing albums. It appears the pain being caused around the world is most definitely creating amazing art.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Double Vinyl Review: "Construct" by Archivist

Would you mind if I took a moment to wax nostalgic just for a minute. It's unclear to me how many of my current readers have been with me since the beginning.

This blog started off as a testament to my commitment to new music. Once it was realized that there were ten new albums in my car from that year, it was a revelation.

When Glacially Musical started, it was ab out my personal journey into modern music. Like most people of a certain age, new music had lost its sheen. Like my generation, I had aged out of appreciating  new music, new bands.

These days, that very idea is repellent to me. Music is our life's blood. Art is the most wonderful thing we have. My courses in ancient literature taught me a great deal about music. Because about 60 years ago, Music took the place of literature in telling us about modern events.

Sorry, nostalgic mode is now off. Let's move forward and discuss the most excellent double LP from Archivist.

Friday, May 19, 2017


Perhaps you've noticed that NØMADS have been releasing a bunch of singles and you've been able to hear them right here?

Well, if not, here's the latest single from Brooklyn's NØMADS. They're a bit left of center and make some great tunes.

Check them out on Facebook and Bandcamp. ($1 Vinyl!)

Video: "Abyss of the moonbow" by heaven in her arms

As always being an avid fan of Japan, this was something I couldn't pass up.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and if you dig this track, pre-order it HERE, available in both CD and LP.

DLP Review: "Erosion" by Cydemind

There are times when your buddy here feels like Abraham Simpson yelling at the world and demanding that the United States removes three states.

He also says he'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before he recognizes Missour-AH, but as we're in Missouri, it's probably something different right?

My personal windmill is the hyper factioning of all the metal sub-genres. Certainly there are different kinds of metal and a factioning isn't necessarily a bad thing.

It's the overuse of these ideas that gets on my nerves. In the now (seemingly) distant past, friends spoke of this new thing called Folk Metal. There was no way it would ever make it into my music library. My mind was closed at the time. What made that particular type of metal so interesting was the inclusion of new instruments into the fold.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Video: "Juice" by Andy Gabbard

Andy Gabbard of The Buffalo Killers has just released his video for Juice off of his upcoming solo record on Alive-Natural Sound.

Check it out!

Metallica Showed Me Subtext

There was a time in my life when it never really occurred that song was trying to tell me anything other than the single story.

Granted, I was much younger then than I am now. This was when I was very much into Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Led Zeppelin.

Naturally, those bands are a pretty big deal, but none of them really said anything that was outside of what they sang.

Years later, I would get into Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, and Metallica.

Even though subtext is still my personal Achilles Heel, I can tell you that Metallica's songs were about something bigger than just moving you for the moment.

In the Eighties, when they came up, that wasn't a really big deal. The Ronald Reagan Era, i.e. the plastic life of lies and treason, was in full swing when Master of Puppets came out and George H W Bush was still maintaining Reagan's policies in 1989 when ...And Justice For All was released.

While Metallica was singing about how men were wasted on the battlefield, Ozzy Osbourne was preparing to sing about transforming into a werewolf or getting high. Though, honorable mention goes to Killer of Giants.