Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vinyloscopy with Chris from Owl Maker

Owl Maker
You make recall the interviews we've seen sending around asking all sorts of rockers about how they listen to music....


Well, it occurred to me that not enough of them are singing the praises of the vinyl.

Punches packed with Wax-ed....ok that rhyme was terrible.

Because of my personal love of the unsquared circle, we need to talk to some other folks out there about why they love these silly black (and many other colored) discs. Today we're hearing from Chris of Owl Maker. They are putting out their debut release, Paths of the Slain next month and they're doing it by their own damn selves.

Monday, February 19, 2018

LP Review: "The End of Mankind" by Adversor

The End of Mankind
A long time ago, in a galaxy far away...

Well it may not have been all that long ago, and the galaxy wasn't that far away either. In fact, it's probably appropriate to say that the galaxy was just a subdivision on the other end of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

In the years when your friend here was discovering that Iron Maiden wasn't the heaviest band in the world, many days (and nights) were spent at my best friend's house in his basement.

We listened to Metallica. He tried to teach me how to play both the guitar and the bass and both in vain. We watched live concert videos.

It was an oasis in a chaotic time for me and even though we're no longer in contact, those times are still very special to me and have been coming up in ways lately, especially while listening to Garage Inc by Metallica that was recently acquired on vinyl....

Friday, February 16, 2018

Video: "Glossolalia: by Disaffected

Allow to me an American for a moment. The greatest thing in the world is a buffet.

If you didn't know, I'm not a foodie and even though I enjoy great food, sometimes it's just fun to be able to go, sit down, and eat a minimum of seven animals and roll yourself home.

And if you're feeling like, more responsible, man, you and your family can all go and eat like you were in 4 or 5 different restaurants. Where else besides a buffet can you get steak and sushi (that's worth eating) for like $25? (FULL DISCLOSURE: Casino Buffet)

DISAFFECTED reminds me a lot of those buffets....Their music is really varied and there've found a way to reference every single band they've ever heard in their lives without writing a 18 minute epic.

Check it out below.

LP Review: "Eight Coffin Nails" by Alghazanth

Eight Coffin Nails
It's time to get full on heavy metal hipster.

How's that you ask?

We're going to get down with several word long subgenres.

Everybody around here knows that this guy is a big fan of doom metal, stoner metal, pagan metal, ya know, all those different names for that would basically be Neo-Proto-Metal.

Or would it be Neo-First-Wave-of-British-Heavy-Metal?

I'm not certain that this particular wave has every been properly pigeonholed into an entirely pointless sub-sub-genre, but yeah, let's move forward.

Today's review features that Finland Band that everybody's been talking about, Alghazanth. They are a Finnish black metal band that's been circling the globe since 1995. Eight Coffin Nails is the first album since 2013's The Three Faced Pilgrim.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Straight Interview with Necrosexual

Necrosexual and Friends
Every so often there comes an artist that's so magnetic, so gradniose, and so damned yeah...that we need a second taste of from the Bonus Cup.

Necrosexual was the first person who answered our Iron Maiden review.

Because of that, it was high time we learned more about what makes this young(?) man tick.

What we found out may shock you. It may alarm you.

You may also need to change your sheets before you read this, because ask yourself, how long has it been since you changed the sheets? It occurs to me that my daughter needs new sheets on her bed, but she has to get the toys off of it first.

Where were we?

Ah yes, what's surely going to be the greatest moment in rock journalism history. This is going to make us the C. Thomas Howell of Rock Journalism...get your cuppa tea ready...because you're going to get to meet Necrosexual.....

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Video: "Rule The World" by Lechery

By the Power of Greyskull! Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

The force is the POWER of the Jedi.

This is one of those times when we just need to let our power flow through us before we all explode right? Lechery featuring Martin Bengsston (formerly the bassist of Arch Enemy) is about to drop a new disc full of that classic power and fury that captured folks like myself at a very young age.

All those harmony leads, all those anthemic vocals. It's time go. Get in the truck.

Check them out on Facebook.

LP Review: "Metempsychosis" by Nest

It's not uncommon for Glacially Musical to review artists who have put out their very first record, sometimes even on vinyl.

One thing we have never done, to my extensive, though swiss cheesed memory, is to review a label's first release.

So before we get to talking about Nest, let's talk about Sludgelord Records. Presumably, my readers are familiar with that other website who also loves Doom Metal, The Sludgelord.

I look up to them, because I feel like I'm them, but nowhere near as good, but working at it!

Anyway, they had the idea that it was time to start a record label. What kind of metal do you think they're putting out?  Yeah, it's totally sludge/doom metal...or whatever other label you'd prefer to put on it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Video: "The Perspective of Evil" by Demonstealer

It's been awhile since we've heard from Demonstealer. This time we no only get to  hear from them, but we also get to see them!

Let's just say, look at that the gear they need to use in order to make this brick wall of riffomania.

Don't forget to ask them ridiculous questions on Facebook and find out more at Bandcamp.

Monday, February 12, 2018

LP Review: "The GBG Sessions" by Hypnos

The GBG Sessions
McDonalds strives to make sure all of their food tastes the same no matter which store you go to, and they also strive to underpay their employees.

Well, that's not a bad idea, the same taste not the contributing to wage slavery bit....

But I prefer places that actually make their food rather than thawing and heating things up.

To that end, those restaurants are great. There's this Indian restaurant we go to and I always try to get something different. I know the general flavor of the dish, but not precisely what it's going to be.

The Sign Records is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to eat. Their menu isn't limited. They seem to be cooking up new meals and desserts constantly.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Video:"The Divide" by Trigger

Do you remember what life was like when cable and satellite television was a luxury? Apparently Trigger does!

For anyone under the age of 30...in those days you didn't have a squillion channels and streaming services. so you had to watch whatever was on the three major, two local, and one public station between the VHF and the UHF stations.

Sundays...you either watched Football or whatever movies were on. These guys have created a video that's reminiscent of so many of those terrible movies that we watched back in the day.

On the plus side, the song kind of kicks ass too. Trigger might just be worth putting onto your radar.

Tell them about your favorite movies on Facebook! Check out their katanas on Bandcamp.

LP Review: "Where All Hope Fades" by Ataraxy

Where All Hope Fades
As of this writing, it's nearly the middle of February and since the world has changed, all of our winters months have become largely the same in St. Louis.

They are cold, warm, hot, cold, warm, cold, cold, and grey.

It's usually around this time, after the Suberb Owls have flown, before baseball heats up, and when hockey is in its slumber that St. Louis finds itself here.

Where is here?

It's a place where there is very little. The people are staying inside of their homes. The bands are staying away.

The salt remains all over the ground and the trees still sport their barren look. It's the ugly underside of winter here. If we still got snow, it would be glorious. My daughter and I have only had a single snowball fight this year...

Video: "Declaration of War" by Crimena

It's time for a few minutes of a full on onslaught.There are times in this world when darkness wins and the best way to eradicate that darkness is with pure crushing heavy metal.

The band themselves has the following to say about the video. Here in America, we all know veterans who've returned home and sometimes left a part of themselves in the war.

"The video depitcs the stugles of a man haunted by the horrors of war and the reality he must face when he returns home. The video also has a deeper meaning, one that is in context with the rest of the songs on the upcoming EP and the entire ideea behind the said EP, but, unfortunatley at the moment we cannot disclose more On this video we collaborated with our friends Andrei Ursu and Mitel Corici, the same guys that did our previous two videos (Mutawwa and Gospel of the unbeliver) and were helped a lot by Airsoft Craiova and Wrath Inc. This is the first single that we release in the new lineup and it is just a teaser for the great stuff that is to come."

Check out Crimena on Facebook.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Video: "Overture 2112/The Temples of Syrinx" by Earth's Yellow Sun featuring Rody Walker

Rob Torkelson's Armada featuring Herman Menderchuk! 

Wait, sorry, this isn't a Kids in the Hall sketch, but this would be at least three times as Canadian. We have a prog rock band from Toronto covering a significant swath of Rush's seminal 2112.

It gets better they're all wearing Rush shirts and sending some gent on a quest who doesn't appear to even be in the band.

But there are in fact bearded wizards. Did I mention the horn section? I feel like I had to have mentioned the horn section.

Or was it just the wizards? I mean, how many videos are there with wizards hanging out and giving away Rush records?

Not enough.

Speaking of which, we need some of those wizards in St. Louis.... But in the mean time, check out these crazy people on Facebook.

Coffin Torture Isn't Iron Maiden

Coffin Torture
Well, we made contact again with the Russian  Hackers.

They were informed about the Iron Maiden/Necrosexual mixup. We were duly informed that that was all fake news and then all of a sudden about 15,000 Trump Twitter bots hit us hard and then followed us over to Instagram...

It was a bad scene, man.

To make it up to us, the Russian Trolls said they were going to get our interview.

I'm pretty sure this isn't Iron Maiden, but who am I to say...like hey this is Coffin Torture or something?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Video: "Parchment" by Andy's Room

Today's a day of calm and fortitude and green tea...lots and lots of green tea.

To that end, let's all meet up in Andy's Room for some Emotional California Bean Burritos.

Well, if they don't have any of them, at least you can download this song for free! Click their name for more information.

Rock on!